Sackler Scholars Nominations

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Call for nominations - Sackler Lecturers and Fellows


Guidelines for submitting Scholars in the Sackler framework 

  • Framework of Visits

    There are several IAS frameworks for bringing visitors to the university, and the "Sackler Lecturers and Fellows" framework is reserved for distinguished visitors who are recognized leaders in their academic discipline.

    Nominations of Lecturers and Fellows are usually made by the Faculties. Faculty members are welcome to initiate such nominations; however, the nomination should be done with a reference from the Dean of the Faculty.

    The nomination file should include a nomination letter, a detailed Curriculum Vitae of the candidate that clearly describes the nominee's achievements, a list of publications, and a supporting letter by the Dean.

    These nominations are brought to the Institute Steering Committee in its annual meeting during January each year. Final decisions are usually expected by the end of January


    The maximum funding provided for a Sackler Lecturer is $5,000; the actual support will depend on the availability of funds and the expected cost of the visit. The maximum funding for a Sackler Fellow is $15,000 with the actual support derived from the duration of the visit and its expected cost. The support for a Fellow who spends a three months period at the University can include coverage for travel and living expenses of the Fellow's spouse.

    Host Departments / Faculties are expected to contribute part of the support required for their visitors. This contribution is not mandatory, however, in assigning priorities towards final decision, an offer of cost sharing by the Faculty will be discussed with the other criteria.

  • How to

    Time Table

    Nominations intended for the January meeting of the Institute Committee should be submitted to the IAS secretary until the beginning of December.

    In general, decisions concerning Sackler Lecturers will be made one academic year before their expected visit (i.e. the Lecturers are elected for the academic year starting in the following October).  Decisions about Sackler Fellows will be made two academic years prior to their planned visits.

    In both cases, the Institute will exercise flexibility whenever possible so a nomination may include a request for shorter or longer waiting periods.



    Confirmed Visitors

    Following confirmation of a nominated Lecturer or Fellow, the Institute will notify the originator(s) of the nomination and the dean, and send a letter of invitation to the confirmed candidate. Confirmed Lecturers and Fellows are expected to coordinate the timing of their visit with their faculty hosts as well as with the Institute. 

    The Institute staff will take care of logistics associated with travel, housing and general expenses, and assist the host in organizing and announcing any academic program associated with the visit.

    Faculties are expected to take care of the academic schedule and the on-campus needs of their visitors, including office space and computer services.

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