About IAS Outstanding Junior Fellows

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  • About

    The Institute of Advanced Studies at Tel Aviv University is announcing a new pilot program, IAS Outstanding Junior Fellows, seeking to promote and support visits by a small number of truly exceptional young scientists in all academic disciplines, who have already made very substantial top-level contributions to research in their respective fields, clearly indicating that they are on their way to becoming world leaders.

    Candidates will be selected by the IAS board on a competitive basis, taking into account their scientific contributions and benefit to research at TAU. Priority will be given to those areas in which collaboration between an IAS visitor and an existing research group at the University will be deemed most valuable.

    During the pilot stage TAU researchers are advised to discuss potential candidates with the IAS staff before making a formal application.

    IAS Outstanding Junior Fellows can be invited for a period between two weeks and three months. The time of their visit should be coordinated with the visitor's Faculty host(s) and the IAS office.

    IAS Outstanding Junior Fellows are free to carry out their own research at the University, to collaborate with other researchers in joint work, or to participate in any way they see fit in the life of the University. It is customary for IAS visitors to give several lectures in their field of expertise. Such lectures have usually been the highlights of the visits and have been attended by academics from all over Israel.

    IAS Outstanding Junior Fellows are entitled to reimbursement of their travel expenses to Israel based on the cost of an economy class ticket. They are provided with accommodation and a per diem of $45/day for the duration of their visit.

  • Current Year

    Visitors for the Academic Year 2020/2021


    Name Institution Period of Visit Host

    Prof. Alexander Logunov

    Mathematics Department 
    Fine Hall, Washington Road
    Princeton, NJ 08544-1000, USA 

    Phone: +1 (609) 258-4200

    Email: web@math.princeton.edu

    Three months


    Prof. Mikhail Sodin
    School of Mathematical Sciences

    Tel: +972 3 640 9623

    Email: sodin@tauex.tau.ac.il

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